10 practical items to take to a Psychiatric Clinic

1. A dressing gown

You will wear this A LOT! You’ll probably be using a communal bathroom where this baby will come in handy. Leave the belt at home. They’ll confiscate anything you can hang yourself with.

2. Socks

Socks are probably the most glorious invention ever. During my stay at The Clinic, putting my socks on after a hot bath and then drifting into blissful, chemically induced sleep was probably the highlight of my entire day.

3. Hot water bottle (seasonal)

I loved having something warm and familiar to cuddle at night. Especially at the beginning when I was home sick. If it’s summer time, then I would suggest a cuddly toy (yes, really).

4. Your own pillow

Having my own pillow with MY OWN pillow case brought me so much joy. Any familiar piece from home will honestly make such a difference and will ensure you sleep as comfortably as possible.

5. Ear Plugs

Forget everything else. This is THE most important thing to pack. Clinics can get really loud. Every few minutes it’s “Diane please report to reception” “John please go to the nurses station” Pack these for some instant peace & quiet.

6. Slippers

Obvious reasons

7. Comfortable day wear

They won’t let you walk around in your pyjamas all day. You’ll be expected to wear ‘normal’ day clothes. I packed lots of really soft things like jeggings, cotton t-shirts, fleeces and scarves, etc. The point is to be comfortable.

8. Gym gear

If you’re going to a half decent clinic they’ll no doubt have some sort of exercise program. Exercise is great because it helps you replenish your dwindling serotonin levels. Check if there is a pool.

9. A lock

You’ll most likely be sharing a room. Take precautions and lock your valuables away. Ideally you don’t want to take anything valuable with you at all but I know how hard it is to live without a phone. At The Clinic we were only allowed access to cell phones after 4pm.

10. A little bit of cash

Take some cash with you in case there are unforeseen costs like laundry or you fancy a decent cup of coffee.

Disclaimer – Contact your clinic beforehand to find out if there are any special precautions or rules you need to be aware of.


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